X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

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Re: X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

digicosmos wrote:

It was focused at infinity at f/11  everything should be in focus.  Look at the trees on the left.  I wouldn't say that is sharp...  I mean, seriously, my compact does better than this.   Is it because I got a bad copy of the camera?  So far I hated every shot that came out from this camera...

The image does appear a bit softer than ideal. I think the comment about focusing on infinity or focusing on 30 yards or so is a valuable one.

Regarding ISO 800, that might be due to Auto DR, or DR400 being engaged? It's a pretty contrasty scene... that would also explain the lack of noise in the sky, since (the way I understand it, at least) the "ISO 800" thing with DR400 only applies to the shadows; the highlights are effectively still at ISO 200, and the midtones somewhere inbetween depending on the tone curve applied by the jpeg engine.

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