Win8 vs Win7

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Sean Nelson
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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

theswede wrote:

I see the touch interface in much the same light.

That makes you very unique. The vast majority of humans on the planet see a touch interface (i.e. a phone or tablet) as something which should be as easy to use as possible.

I think you have the wrong impression of what I mean by "usable" in the context of my comments.   By "usable" mean that you can get your work done with a minimum of effort.   You don't need to do excessive clicking, swiping, dragging, or keystrokes.   That doesn't require an "obvious" interface, just one you've learned.   And any interface has to be learned.

Your main objection seems to be that you've already learned the interfaces you know and you don't want to be bothered learning or having to know how to use a new one.   That's a perfectly reasonable opinion to hold, but that by itself doesn't make the new interface a bad one.

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