Looking to upgrade to L Glass

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Re: Looking to upgrade to L Glass

droberto wrote:


I'm interested in what lens I should buy next. I'm looking into L glass, but also kind of a budget. I kind of have a more photojournalistic style, and I vary from portraits to landscapes, a good zoom with a constant aperture of at least 4 or 2.8 would be the best. I've been looking at the 24-105, 17-40, 16-35 (pricey), 24-70 or a 70-200 (Debating IS or non IS, since I found myself doing sports photography indoors). I've looked around on Amazon, BHPhotoVideo, and even Craigslist to just look at prices. The 24-105 seems to be the most popular L glass, only because it's easier to find online for sale, which I've seen go from $700-$900. Not bad. The 17-40 I've seen up for sale went from $550- $800, which is good too. The 16-35 is $1300+ so that's out of the picture for me, same as the 24-70. The 70-200 f4 non IS, is around $400-600, with IS, around $900, f2.8 is around $900, and 2.8 with IS is $1000+. I definitely need the IS, but the aperture of 2.8 sounds nice too. Trying to keep things under $1000. So my plan was to buy a 24-105 or 17-40 off Craigslist or Amazon, so I can use that on my crop sensor, then save up for a FF off of Craigslist/Amazon and use those lenses on it. Also, what's a good Canon FF? Most I would spend would be $1500. I'm guessing 5D mkII, or 1D mkIII? What do you think / recommend? Cheers!

If you do indoor sports, then IS will not help you. You need more light.

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