X100s really disappointing image. Is this normal?

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It's fine

There is nothing wrong with your picture.

(i) It was taken at ISO 800 - quite unnecessarily for such a bright day. At ISO values like this you always start to see loss of detail (which appears as smearing of very fine details - like fabric patterns, hair, or the fine needles in the trees) and loss of dynamic range. Actually I think your pic looks pretty good; those are very fine needles on the trees and they are a long way away. Try shooting again at ISO100.

(ii) Check the jpeg settings in your camera. How an out-of-camera jpeg looks depends a lot on these. By default compact camera such as the ones you have been used to are set to produce over-saturated and over-sharpened images which look eye-popping and dramatic and have some 'wow' factor (even though they are actually quite unnatural). It is a very common complaint from people who have upgraded to their first DSLR (or equivalent, like yours, in terms of sensor) that the images look less pleasing: actually they are more accurate.

If you want to go for that look, just turn up the contrast / sharpening / saturation settings on your camera and see what difference it makes. Alternatively, as another poster said, to get the best out of it shoot RAW then you can adjust all these parameters to taste on your computer.

Best wishes

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