Lightroom 4 & Photoshop 6 colorspace problem

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Lightroom 4 & Photoshop 6 colorspace problem

Hello All,

Last week my computer crashed.  Lucky me I didn't loose any important stuff.

Before the crash I worked with LR 4.4 and cs6 (with latest updates). I always started in LR and then with "cntr e" I  go further in cs6. In LR I have set in the preference tab that my photo's must be converted for cs6 in sRGB colorspace (profile).

I do my things in cs6 and then I did always do a "save as" and a save for web (to save the file on 2 different places with slightly different modifications).

"save as" always showed the icc profile "sRGB..." as embded profile.

Now after reiinstalling LR and cs6 LR I configured it the same way to export the file to cs6 with sRGB profile.

But when I want to do "save as" I do not get the sRGB... color profile but the aRGB profile (or prophoto don't remember that tonicht I can and will check that) unless I export the profile in cs6. I never have done that this way before.

I checked some of my work from before the crash and all having the sRGB color profile.

What do I overlook in LR or cs6?

I have searched for some time internet to find an answer but so far no luck. I hope someone can point me into the right direction.

regards Walter

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