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Re: New NEX owner - Sony NEX-F3

I'm a beginner too. I can't give you advice but I'll tell you what I'm doing.

I don't seem to be able to take interesting photos just because I want to, they are things that happen or that I spot spontaneously, and so I need to take my camera everywhere even if it looks like I'm a stupid tosser with an expensive accessory around their neck. I don't take it to the supermarket, but I do take it to work, the coffee store, driving, etc.

I leave my camera in manual mode (there's a video on froknowsphoto that has a good explanation of this). When I spot something I take a couple different shots from different angles or adjusting a setting like aperture or shutter speed or focal length. I keep all the terrible photos.

Every night I go home and import them on my computer. I have some diary software but a Word document would do. I quickly go through the photos, pick my best ones for Facebook (if any) plus just one for that day's diary entry.

Then I write a few paragraphs about what photos I took, what settings I changed, why some photos worked and other ones didn't, and what I learned through extra research or want to try next time. A lot of it is technical about the camera or software, but just as much ends up being psychological... how I feel about different focal lengths, how hard holding still for manual focusing is, daylight issues on the screen...

Something I wrote about last night was that I'm still in P&S mode mentality. I spent $1k on my NEX but take photos slightly out of focus and sometimes just walk away because my arms/legs are tired of contorting into weird positions (I take mostly macro shots). If I want to get better, then I better start taking it more seriously and pumping out not 5x photos, but 20x photos, and learning how to use focus stacking (I tried last night and failed, because the shots were slightly different exposures and that's a no-no). I also don't like cropping ...

It makes me feel I'm making some progress and am thinking critically about what I'm doing. It also gives me good reasons to try to leave the house and get photos if I haven't already, though I definitely haven't taken photos every day, at least it's something I progress towards (and will put extra effort in on the weekends to correct instead of staying indoors watching movies).

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