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Re: New NEX owner - Sony NEX-F3

RyoHazuki224 wrote:

So, does anybody have any beginners tips that I should try out? Like, I have some lens filters that came with the bundle, what really would be the best situations to use these in and why? I live in the New Mexico desert, so I'm guessing the UV filter would come in handy on bright days?

Anything other cool tips or tricks that I can try out would be much appreciated! I look forward to learning some amazing things in this promising community!

Hi, can congratz on your new F3. I've got one of them too, and I don't have many complaints.

I am not sure a UV filter would be useful (I may be wrong). There's one in the camera in front of the sensor that does a pretty good job of cutting UV. The main use would be to protect the front element of the lens from damage, but on the other hand filters sometimes introduce flare. I tend not to use UV/skylight filters.

Tips... I recommend you turn off the AF assist lamp. Most believe it messes with the camera's ability to focus in low light rather than helps things.

I'd also recommend you make use of the flexible spot for focusing. You can use it in the center of the frame if you are in a hurry, or move it to just about anywhere for accurate focusing. It's the most precise way of focusing. I often see complaints about the NEX AF system here, but I've had very little trouble.

If you're feeling adventurous you might want to try your luck with an adapted lens (a cheap one to start with). NEX's are quite good with adapted lenses, and this has been a source of a lot of fun for me.

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