DxOMark : Ricoh GR lens Vs Nikon coolpix A lens

Started Jun 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
RussellInCincinnati Veteran Member • Posts: 3,201
Ray did you NOTICE less vignetting with the Ricoh lens?

At a glance would rather have much less wide-open vignetting in the smallest, lightest APS-C camera in the world a la Ricoh, rather than 1% or whatever better sharpness or ISO noise at some aperture or frame position or ISO that one can somehow measure in the Nikon Coolpix A or some other camera. Have a hard time getting lab-test sharpness in the real world anyway, so that last bit of clarity that some other setup might have compared to a GR will always elude me anyway.

$50 dollar Sony Alpha 18-55 plastic kit zoom.

Having said that, Ray did you notice on a practical level any greater corner darkening with the Nikon vs the GR, considering your particular workflow? You've made it clear that to choose between the 2 cams really comes down to money and/or user interface preferences.

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