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It might be hard to tell a professional

Michael J Davis wrote:

But why on earth were there TWO independent(?) professional wedding photographers there anyway?

I didn't notice where it was two independent, but maybe I missed. Regardless, the OP may or may not know if they were independent or professional for that matter and I use professional in a very loose way.

My daughter is a successful full time wedding photographer and somewhat fits some of the OP's description in several ways. She also has one to two assistants who often act as floaters during the reception so as to get possible images she might miss. People at the wedding might think they were second photographers.

Very occasionally in the past she's gotten in a bit over her head where she priced a wedding maybe out of state and it grew as time went on. In one case the wedding grew from a small family affair to a huge 500 invitees for sit down dinner. The wealthy mother of the bride had her way. I was asked to help out as was my gal, Jan. We quickly assembled our kit including DC powered location monolights and the whole shebang. She had two assistants, one intern, herself and the two of us. We got it done, but I can imagine what some of the Uncle Bobs might have thought.

Another point is that she and her assistants all shoot the same entry level camera bodies. She now has five Nikon D90s and some consumer glass to boot. I've tried over the years to move her to FX professional level bodies, but she points out that she's small and petite and doesn't like them. Because she's the boss, she insists assistants also shoot her gear. Now, she may upgrade this year to D7100 or D600 because they aren't that much larger and those five D90s are getting old, but even then, those are fairly entry level as well.

My point is that she's an upper tier wedding photographer who charges in that tier but who has extra photographers with her and shoots what looks to be entry level cameras and lenses, if you consider the Sigma 17-50 f/2.8 OS to be entry as well as the Nikon 85 f/1.8. Making an assumption as to her professionalism based on this may not be appropriate. She has a wonderful eye and a Masters in Fine Art from a respected University. She seems to do a wonderful job for her clients.

Until you see the final product, it might be hard to tell what you have. My daughter did something I suggested at the start and created wedding books for herself to keep that was copies of the ones for the clients. She uses some of these as tools to show prospective clients on the first one on one meeting.

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Cheers, Craig
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