Just Switched to the RX1 from the M9

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Re: A 35 and a 50 ? 6K ? No way.

Chris Crevasse wrote:

Rob, I was referring in particular to portraits with the RX1. I've noticed that if you have placed someone near the edge of the frame, they are actually less distorted-looking if you don't correct for lens distortion than they are if you do. Left alone, the barrel distortion seems to counteract the stretching distortion you might otherwise see at the edge of the frame.

This is true. I often turn off Lightroom's distortion correction when I have faces nearer the edges of the frame.

All of this talk about portraiture and 85mm+ is meant for headshots/senior picture/passport photo type work that I really don't have much interest in. If I am desperate to shoot such a thing, I've got an old NEX-5 and some longer manual lenses laying around somewhere, but the beauty of shooting with the RX1 is that it is great for environmental portraiture, which I find to be generally much more interesting.

On a side note, another great thing about this lens and camera combo is that, if you crop to square ratio, you're left with nearly an identical field of view as an 80mm lens on a Hasselblad 6x6, which is handy.

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