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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

theswede wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

theswede wrote:

No cues is the key to my argument.

IMHO "no cues" is an argument that the UI is harder to learn or that it presents a barrier to upgraders.  But there's a difference between that and whether it's a usable interface or not.

No, it isn't. Real world analogs come with the territory. Touching corners most certainly does not. That's about as unintuitive as it gets.

With all due respect, I think you've been using GUI interfaces for so long that you've forgotten that they have their unintuitive aspects, too.   It's all about the environment you get used to.   Once you're learned it, what appears as problematic to an unversed user can be very easy to use.

Your point about command line interfaces is a case in point.   My command shell of choice is PowerShell - there are a lot of things that it makes easy to do which would be hell in the GUI.   The learning curve is steep, but it is a very usable tool.

I would say the same about Adobe Premier Pro.   Hell of a learning curve, but once you've put the effort in and understand its paradigm, very powerful and pleasant to use because of what it can do for you.

I see the touch interface in much the same light.

That doesn't mean I think a touch interface is a good tool for all jobs, and it doesn't mean I don't have criticisms about the Metro interface.   And I think Microsoft is incredibly stupid to dump uninitiated desktop users (people who run hardware without a touch screen) unceremoniously into the Metro start screen.

But as far as whether gestures like swiping from the side and long presses are bad or "intuitive" or not, I recognize that these are de rigeur in an environment optimized for a small screen where you can't afford to have the same number of on-screen cues as on a large desktop monitor.

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