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Re: X Vario is perfectly targeted

Danel wrote:

meland wrote:

Here's a radical thought (for a DPR forum anyway) - Leica with the X Vario might actually understand their market perfectly and know exactly what they are doing, certainly better than most of their critics on this forum would seem to.

Let's get the disappointment out of the way that this product is not what some hoped it might be. And let's discount those who are simply suffering from green eyes syndrome and hate the fact that they can't afford Leica prices and despise those who can.

If you look at the kind of person to whom this product is probably targeted - what is it that they want? A beautifully made product? A certain exclusivity? A zoom capability to cover most situations? Superb optical quality? Well then it seems to tick most of the target's boxes doesn't it?

Yes it's expensive but let's face it, even if it was half the price would Leica sell any more of them? I doubt it since very few 'enthusiasts' would be interested in any case, so unless volumes are going to increase massively what would be the point for Leica in reducing their margin?

If it had a faster lens would the target market care? No, but they would object if the camera became bigger and heavier as a result. Bokeh may be a discussion point for us but not to our target customer.

And it's pointless comparing it with products from mass market manufacturers like Sony or Fuji. Good though those products might be, the target market simply has no aspirations to own a Sony, or Fuji regardless of the quality of their products. And they certainly don't want to make their purchase in one of the discount sheds alongside racks of white goods.

So it's probably best to stop being offended that Leica have not made this camera for you, save your energy complaining about it and just get on with your lives.

There will always be a market for products that offer superior performance, superior capabilities and superior features to less expensive products. In other words there will be people willing to pay a premium price for a premium product. My question to you: Is the X Vario superior to other cameras offered at lower prices? If so, in what ways? Please be assured that I am in no way offended by any cameras offered by any company, that would be silly.

HI Danel

Superior is a big word, but, yes, you can't get another current camera with a fixed zoom on an APS-c sensor, but the real deal is that the image quality is excellent, and that the lens is a very good lens - Of course, it does have limitations, but it's nice to use, has splendid manual controls and produces excellent images.

The much berated lens is a different take on the inevitable 3 variables with a zoom lens:

1 Image Quality

2 Size

3 Fastest Aperture

Everyone has to deal with these variables, and most sacrifice either Image Quality or Size. Leica have been scrupulous with these, and sacrificed fastest aperture to be so. Whether this is a good idea is a difficult call, but it's a small lens, and it's sharp to the corners at all focal lengths and all apertures . . . . how many zoom lenses can you say that about?

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