A prediction of the D400.

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Re: A prediction of the D400.

Simon Garrett wrote:

Kerry Pierce wrote:

Nikon doesn't have any action cameras in its current lineup, other than the d4

What does an action camera need that's absent from all but the D4? I'm assuming:

  • frame rate
  • buffer size

Anything else? It's not intended as a loaded question. I'm not an action photographer, and I hear this comment often, and I'm genuinely curious.

Here are a few more:

  • Top of the line auto-focus performance (low light performance, excellent at tracking moving subjects, can follow low contrast subjects, can handle a subject in front of a complicated background, etc...).
  • Very low shutter lag.
  • Low mirror blackout time (improves AF performance when shooting at max fps).
  • Good view finder so you can best see what you're trying to track.
  • Durable build - people in action environments often shoot a lot and their cameras often get hauled around a lot.
  • Good AF-ON button ergonomics.  A lot of action shooters using AF-ON to trigger focus for the expanded flexibility of how you trigger focus without changing camera settings.
  • Weather sealing.  Many (not all) action photographers shoot in inclement weather.
  • Fast card write performance so the buffer clears quickly and the camera is available sooner after a long burst.

People often say that the D800 won't do action (and isn't a replacement for the D700) because it can manage a "mere" 4 fps in FX mode. The D7100 isn't an action camera because its buffer isn't big enough.

The D800 can do action just as any other camera can do action.  It's a matter of how much it is optimized for action.  4fps is certainly not optimized for action.  Many (not all) would also say that 36MP images at full sensor are also not optimized for some types of action photographers.

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