A prediction of the D400.

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Without getting in an endless debate..

I did not say it would be small. I just suggested it could be small enough so Nikon would not put its money on it.

Now, if we look back in time, what have we been seeing? A bunch of pro Dx sports and action cameras? No, we did not. Most of the dslr action is bound to be at the bottom end of the line, simply because of the price. It was that way and it still is. Maybe, just maybe you and Nikon have a different ideas about making money?

Btw, if the only segment left for Nikon would be the action shooter because as you claim the rest just s..cks, they might as well quit today. That segment has proven to be a non-priority the past five years, not just for Nikon. But maybe they have heard you: in stead of building pro Dx dslr cameras for us, they try to build a mirrorless so you decide to buy Nikon next time. Or a compact dslr.
I'm afraid we will have to live with it.


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