DxOMark : Ricoh GR lens Vs Nikon coolpix A lens

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Re: DxOMark : Ricoh GR lens Vs Nikon coolpix A lens

Ray Sachs wrote:

sounder71 wrote:

Bryan Campbell wrote:

Well that's great news. We have the same quality of lens, but $300 cheaper on the Ricoh in a more ergonomic body. I like the bokeh on the Ricoh slightly better too from what I've seen.

Ricoh is cheaper because it was built by children (or grossly underpaid workers) in Chinese sweatshops.

For the record, the A scores higher in both DXO test, camera and lens. If it was sports, the GR will be second best. In real life Ricoh is still a great camera.

Those DXO scores are so incredibly close there's no point in even bringing them up - DXO said that themselves in their write up. These are basically equal cameras with a few different features that will appeal to different people. I suspect the price has more to do with marketing strategy than labor costs, but that may play some part.


I agree Ray.  In reality the components that go into these cameras in cost terms are probably closer to $100 than $200 including labour.  But when you wrap up factory overheads, taxation, marketing, packaging R&D, executive overheads, etc it all adds up if they are bundled into the costing of each item.  Therefore if more items are made the cost per unit is less.  However you can play with these figures and corporate strategies forever.

Despite all the talky-talk about the Nikon A that company probably did it's sums on a lower volume of sales than it expects from other products that they sell into developed markets.  Mainly because it expected that the market leader in this segment (ie: Ricoh) would retain most of it's market share (not a comparison of product capabilities)

Therefore smaller sales volumes need better margins.  Ricoh simply targetted a larger slice of this market.  Sales targets rather than absolute cost of manufacture.  So Nikon is ripping their customers off?  Not so, if their customers perceive the product best meet their personal needs.

I doubt if the labour cost difference is that much different in these cameras.  I don't think that aspersions on the technical work capabilities of Chinese workers serve any purpose.  I am sure that a well trained Chinese assembly worker under supervised conditions in a Ricoh factory in China is any less proficient than a similarly employed assemby worker in any other facility in Asia including Japan.  Methinks that tax and other economic incentives play a much bigger role than the labour cost differential.  Hence Pentax in Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and now Indonesia and Nikon just opened a plant in Laos I believe.

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