They tell you the C-AF of your E-M5 is solely suited for subjects moving consistently...

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Re: Timing is everything with C-AF, in my experience...

bcalkins wrote:

I find that I can make use of the C-AF to get sharp shots of quick moving subjects (like oncoming traffic from the passenger seat, or a kid riding their bike), but what I find different than a dSLR (coming from a Canon 7D) is the ability to get the shot at the precise instant you want, in focus. So while the C-AF can keep up, it is more like a series of discrete points in time that are in focus, and if you want a shot in between it will be out of focus. The trouble is that you cannot predict when that perfect moment will be. So if the moment isn't terribly critical, it can 'keep up'.

But when the precise moment makes the shot, I tend to switch to pre-focusing (if the action is somewhat predictable), sometimes with MF (when using my slower 50mm 4/3 macro) or with AF using the 75mm f/1.8. I'm perfectly happy with the M4/3 system's ability to get in focus shots, even of very quickly moving subjects - it just takes a bit of work to learn when it is reliable and when it is not. I do find that when I do nail focus of moving subjects with my OM-D the shots are sharper than images taken using continuous AF on my old Canon 7D...



Pre-focused, but wider DOF makes this not much of a challenge...

This shot was taken using C-AF, but precise moment was not critical...

One more, taken in single shot focus on Flickr:


Thanks for this comment woth considering. Have too check this out.

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