The "A" gets an F

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Re: The "A" gets an F

SunnyFlorida wrote:

If the 28mm F/1.8g is your least used lens, why would you buy a 28mm prime P&S?

That's like saying "chocolate ice cream is my least favorite flavor" and then you order chocolate ice cream.

I wouldn't.

IMHO the P7700 is a superior camera to the A in too many respects. And the A still ends up in a small bag. It's just not small enough for me to call it a pocket-cam.

I own a lot of prime lenses and love using them, but I have no desire to suddenly have one crazy-glued to one of my cameras.

I see that folks who are defending the A are doing so by comparing it to a zoom. What would make the A ideal would be a small set of compact primes, say 2 or 3. 18mm, 28mm, 50mm. 90mm.

Would it cut into certain DSLR sales? Yup, but until such a system exists I'll continue to ignore these so-called "niche" models. They just don't do enough, even at half the price.

I'm glad people like the A. It's inevitable that some shooters would find it "just right." But wanting such a cam to also be good at portrait work is hardly a travesty and violation of the design. They limited it's bandwidth of versatility for marketing reasons and NOT to meet more serious demands.


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