Win8 vs Win7

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Re: Before this humongous thread maxes out

dradam wrote:

skyglider wrote:

Microsoft should have just left the desktop's previous Start Menu in the release version of Win8 and given the user the option to boot directly into the desktop and disable active corners. If Win8's UI is that good, users would naturally migrate to it.

Nuff said, end of discussion.

Kinda like how everyone stuck with IE6 for so long over 8/9/10, because the new ones didn't offer any sort of advantages to justify a FREE upgrade.

New IE required an active download and install and broke many sites for many years. IE6 is still in heavy use inside corporation intranets where rewriting the business applications to work with anything else is a pure cost providing no benefit.

Providing an option to turn Metro off - leaving the present state as default and only *allowing* it is turned off, by active choice - is in a completely different league. If Metro is so wonderful hardly anyone would switch it off.

And if it isn't so wonderful, what's the point of having it at all?


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