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Re: The new Zack Arias Fuji x100s follow up review

pavi1 wrote:

BingoCharlie wrote:

Love to hear a pro saying stuff like this...

From form to function to price Fuji is this new globe trotting documentary camera. From portraits to events to breaking news… these cameras can handle it. Need it to run double truck? Done. Want to exhibit 30×40 prints? Done. Want to run full page in a wedding album? Done again.


Where Fuji really seems to “get it” is in the quality of their sensors, lenses, and their ability to build a solid working system with really tough cameras. I put my cameras through hell and they keep going and going and going. My X-Pro1 has hit the pavement three times in the last year without a single thing breaking on it.

Sounds more like a guy on the payroll than a review.

A) I don't think he needs to be on their payroll.

B) I guess you are saying he is lying (or didn't read the review) since this review contained this:

"Some think I’m paid to say this stuff. Trust me. One hand on my heart and the other hand on the FCC laws regarding endorsements and advertising on blogs like this one… I’m not paid by Fuji to say this stuff. I’m not paid by them to review their gear. I have shot jobs for them. I’ve stood on their platform and talked about my experience with the cameras at industry events. That’s it. Once the images or videos are delivered to them my job is done. Just like all of the other jobs I do. Fuji didn’t pay me to sell all my L glass."

Personally I think he just likes Fuji cameras.  Some do, some don't.  If you don't buy something else.  It's really not that big a deal.

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