A prediction of the D400.

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Re: A prediction of the D400.

n057 wrote:

HSway wrote:

The d400 doesn’t seem a good business today. Pixel densities are higher on fx cameras and d400’s services seem likely to be offered by more or less differently optimized camera packages/systems like through d7100 and fx cameras lines.

Responding to customer requests is always good business, unless the businessman is prepared to leave money on the table.

Pixel densities are higher on FX ? Are you saying that FX offers inherently more pixels per inch? What physical concept prevents DX from having less pixels per inch than FX? What about the D800 having less pixels per inch than the D7100?

No I haven’t noticed me saying it. And yea the d7100 has more density and some phone (no pun intended) has even higher. Still, the fx changed in that what cameras and lenses it offers. And the pixel density suits for various reasons to a great number of former dx users like myself. These were not things we had in the past.

And why would one have to get multiple cameras to achieve what could be accomplished within one package?

I have no clue, depends on a particular user and we would have to ask him or her. I don’t mean anything like that as a necessity or recommendation to those using d300/200.

I don’t think 7d ll is coming either and if it does I am still unsure in what shape exactly the answer from Nikon would be. Although the theoretical 7d ll appearance would stir the water quite a bit.

I do not really care what Canon offers, I am Nikon

And why would a theoretical 7DII appearance stir the waters more than a theoretical D400 appearance ???????

If the 7d ll materializes, you will see what waters stirred means and I am quite certain you will see why as well. But I think a musician, or close to that field? would have a bit of imagination.

Otherwise and fundamentally, true, I think these cameras don’t have their lives strictly connected as I hint in my initial post (.."What the Nikon answer would be"..).

But I tend to think that a new technology-pumped 7d ll would bring Nikon to double-check extra carefully whether and how they (will) cover 7d ll capabilities and attractiveness in their own product. These releases and information interact in business, are anticipated and likely already realized in some important part at least. Needless to say that the common anticipation of this stirs also waters among the users.

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

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