A prediction of the D400.

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Re: A prediction of the D400.

jfriend00 wrote:

HSway wrote:

The d400 doesn’t seem a good business today. Pixel densities are higher on fx cameras and d400’s services seem likely to be offered by more or less differently optimized camera packages/systems like through d7100 and fx cameras lines. I don’t think 7d ll is coming either and if it does I am still unsure in what shape exactly the answer from Nikon would be. Although the theoretical 7d ll appearance would stir the water quite a bit.

Are you saying that a semi-affordable camera optimized for shooting action (8fps, large buffer, great AF) is not a good business opportunity? The way I look at it, action photography is one of the few things that dSLRs are still light years ahead of mirrorless so it seems like it would be silly for Nikon and Canon to ignore that segment of the market. Yes, they have the D4, but most of us aren't going to plunk down $6k for a D4 and there's not even a D700 upgrade either. So, Nikon currently has no semi-affordable camera optimized for action photography.

If I were trying to fend off mirrorless and keep dSLR sales going, I wouldn't ignore this area where the dSLR AF has such a huge advantage in tracking while shooting at max fps.

the mirrorless segment isn’t exactly what I mean though this segment can play its part. Simply the d7100 and fx camera lines; I refer to fx as to a system. The present models took large number of d300/200 users. It’s not difficult to imagine the future models within these lines doing even better in attracting them. That includes faster, attractively priced fx model and other possibilities (as we can see).

Although it doesn’t necessarily and in all cases mean that part of these users wouldn’t come back to a d300 type of camera – d400. More relevant question however is how significant part would be interested in a d400 and whether to place a reasonable and also strategic profit expectations here and today (under current development). I better add that I don’t mean whether that is a question for you but more a Question for Nikon.

Since the fx format was mentioned we can also think about a d400 in the dx coat. A d400 in a less perfect form for some (that is, not for all, so no there isn't a negative) but what’s more, with an added benefit to a considerably large group of users that are price-sensitive (somewhat a feature of our times) and, from the other side, with a benefit to the sales-thirsty business as this camera would undoubtedly generate far more profit from its wider target group.

So generally it looks the d400 doesn’t seem a good business today. And I see myself that Nikon didn’t cover perfectly well a certain and in my view significant (important) group of d300 users at the moment yet. But I realize that the transitions are not always smooth and the company’s new moves in today’s economic climate following the disastrous consequences of some earlier events in Japan didn’t also help. So I recommend adapting a little with a potential upgrade decision if needed. That obviously doesn’t mean chucking the d300/200 out and stop coming to this forum.

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