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As promised, the bracket and how it was modified.

The bracket supports the lens (there is a little pressure against the lens), but is at an angle under the lens, so that it does not interfere with the cylinder that must turn, to focus.

The camera is mounted at the slider end.  The camera can me moved even farther back, for when you use the 2X converter (500mm>>1000mm), the overall setup is still relatively well balanced.

Custom bend will depend on your camera.  Use a vise.  Paint may peel off, no big deal as it's aluminum and won't rust. Used superglue to reattach rubber strip which came off with the paint.

OK, I should have put the camera horizontal before taking the pic - but the tripod head tilts, so no problem.  What I wanted to show in this picture, is how the metal bar clears the focus grip on the lens barrel, resting instead on the back plate which is fixed (doesn't turn).

As you can see, I took a flat bar, which is a side-mounted flash bracket, and modified it.

The flash shoe was at the extremity (left in this picture), and I moved it into the middle (in the slotted slider opening).  In the same slider opening is the camera mount screw.  Both screws also have a hole to screw in the tripod mount from underneath.

The flash shoe is not attached to the T2-NX adapter: it merely allows the assembly to rest on the shoe. It's ideal, because of it's shape, it nestles the barrel in-between it's two rails. The front part of the bracket supports the weight of the lens. The camera is attached to the rear of the bracket.  The camera's mount holds the lens, but doesn't suffer the brunt of it's weight, which rests on the bracket instead.

This setup has 2 advantages:

  1. first, it relieves the camera mount from the stress of the very heavy lens.
  2. second, it allows a cheap tripod to support this otherwise front-heavy setup, which could not be used on this tripod before, because as soon as you set the tilt angle, and let go, the lens would dip down. this way it remains in the position desired.

This setup can be used with most tripods no problem.

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