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raymb wrote:

Not withstanding the much maligned metro interface on Win8, which can be replaced with third party software. Are there any benefits in Win8 as an operating system that would make the switch worthwhile?.

4Kn Advanced Format for large disks would be a big OS feature. If you are running Win7 Home versus Pro, you get the missing storage modes that let you create raid 1 and above storage without having to move to the Pro level in Win 8. You can also mount ISO and VHD without resorting to third party tools. Native USB 3.0 drivers instead of third party. 16 Bit support for apps is a lot better and software that wouldn't load on 7 will on 8. There is the reinstall feature to all you to reinstall the OS without affecting the user files which running Windows over the years has always been an issue. Win 7 is better at this with the system imagining, but you still aren't completely covered.  Power management is supposed to be better, as not using as much power to run the system, but I don't have any proof of that.

The file backup tool that does versioning is probably also a feature to mention but that is getting away from the OS and more towards the user space.

I'll upgrade at some point as I upgrade my hard drives in my current system. At some point I'll put in a couple of 4T drives and drop the 1.5T drives I have now. I installed the beta of Win8 a while back  and I can live with the differences and who knows, by the time I upgrade out of Win7, the whole user interface on Win8 may have changed again.

Thank you

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