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Hello, once again. My trip is coming and I still don't have good lens for it!
Just to recall: I have Nex-6 with 16-50PZ and takumar 50/1.5. I will aslo have E16+ECU1 (cheap version of wide angle). I still need something long and I think my budget is getting smaller and smaller..

I think I won't have money even for E55210 and I'm considering manual. My 50/1.4 is quite heavy and I think I'm gonna leave it at home. Instead of it I would like to have sth between 85-135mm range (90-110 prefect). It needs to produce nice image, be 3.5 or faster and be small and light. Do you have any suggestions?

Canon FDn 100/2.8 is a nice compromise between size, weight & price - cheaper than the FDn 100/2.0, around the size of the 18-55 or 55-210 and only 270g, so doesn't scream "telephoto!" on the street. Very sharp, though prone to purple fringing (fixable in post processing), good focal length for picking out faces.


On polish market there is one available - 100euro. I guess it's not a good price. And I see only 6 blades. Maybe sth else?

Same as this one?


6 blades is correct - f2 versions of FD lenses have more blades for nicer bokeh, but the FDn 100/2 costs upwards of $450 on Ebay! E100 is a pretty good price, if in good condition! I got mine for slightly less "as is" with a wobbly mount that I screwed tight and is 100% fine now. You can't expect to get a good wide or tele lens for much less these days. This one is going cheap, so far:


As for number of blades for Canon FD 100/2.8, nFD version has 6 blades whereas the older SSC version (breach lock), which I do own, has 8 blades. It's a little heavier, and the filter size is 55mm (nFD is 52mm). Each is a wonderful peace of glass.

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