Am I making a good choice for a new computer with these specs?

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Re: Am I making a good choice for a new computer with these specs?


You had me convinced about getting the SSD.  I still think I really want one; but, maybe I need a little reassurance that it's the best way to go for me.

I read a couple articles regarding the life expectancy of the SSDs and their speeds.  One article said something about the transistors wearing out faster than a regular hard drive will wear out and that an SSD is a good option if you plan on getting a new one every couple years.

Also I read something that sounded like they are great for boot up, opening new progtrams, etc. ;BUT, they were not as great for "saves".  The Corel PSP5 does saves often as you use it.

Finally, since my computer is going to be built by HP and they will install their brand of SSD, I don't know if it will be pretty low in quality compared to the Samsung.

I am no good at installing things into my computer and setting them up.  I've had some bad experiences at that.  So I consider installing my own SSD out of the question.:-(

I will be ordering my new computer before midnight tonight.  I can't take the suspense any longer!:-D

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