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busch wrote:

The doctorate was and is not required. He had to resign due to pressure because of his ethics concerning copying most of the work presented for the degree.

Yes yes, that's it, you have brought it back to my mind. Yes you are correct. However, what I understood from the report is that, whilst not a legal requirement it is culturally/traditionally expected for someone in his postion to have a doctorate. Hence the pressure he felt to go and cheat in order to get that qualification.

The Germans like everything neat and tidy, and do have licenses for many occupations where they are quite unnecessary.

There is no requirement to have any qualification for the British parliament but I think the great majority of members now have degrees. They are also the worst and most corrupt lot we have had for a very long time.

And only two or three have degrees in anything useful such as engineering or physics. They are all career politicians.

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