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This sounds like a great idea. Realtors, plumbers, and other professionals' organizations have found great success by requiring licenses, thereby restricting supply and driving up wages. I propose we call our new organization the Photographer's Guild. Any member who sees a rogue photographer illegally taking photos will have the right to smash the criminal's equipment and arrest them. We of course would also have to find a way restrict the illegal import of poor-quality foreign photos...

Sarcasm aside, this is a terrible idea. Licensing sometimes makes sense for a profession that is so standardized that its services are almost a commodity. Calling wedding photography a commodity will raise the hackles of pretty much any creative photographer. Licensing, while ostensibly existing to assure a base level of quality, almost always fails at that and instead is used as a barrier to entry. And what if the photographer's guild decides on such high standards that you can't meet them? How would you feel then?

It's also pretty presumptuous to think that you know better than the customer what they should want. Sure, an experienced photographer might take better photos of the wedding than two green photogs using kit lenses, but maybe the customer doesn't care! For my own wedding, I didn't hire anybody; I asked friends to take snapshots and that's it. It just wasn't that important to me. You can't project your opinions of what's worthy photography and what's not onto other people.

Wedding photography is only one small part of professional photography.

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