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Re: Tin Whiskers and Lead Free Solder

macmaven wrote:

This article is from 2005.

We are already seeing a lot of failures of equipment from this time, while older equipment continues to work.

"Lead Free Solder- A train wreck in the making"

The wreck-in-progress revolves around the evolving switch in the electronics industries in the U.S., Europe, and throughout the world from conventional lead solders to the new lead-free solders.

The specific threat is tin whiskers, which are physical abnormalities that grow in nonlead solders that lead to unpredictable shorting and failures of electronic parts. This phenomenon will compromise the reliability and reputation of most, if not all, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronic parts and subsystems.

The move to nonlead solders stems from the Reduction of Hazardous Substances rules-better known as RoHS-that will apply to electronic products sold in Europe as of next July. (2005)

Yes, that was a big mistake. The dangers of lead and mercury are greatly exaggerated.

I don't believe anyone was ever harmed by solder.

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