Which one D3200, D5100 or D90??

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john Clinch Veteran Member • Posts: 3,374
Re: Poor John

kgbruce01 wrote:

John, have you ever evenconsidered that its just YOU that has a problem manual focussing?

Interesting point. I only manual focus my dslr when zone focusing for stitching. So yes you are probably correct I do have a problem manual focusing.

You know, we did it for years and years years with no problems whatsoever. (and still do to this very day)

Thanks. As it happens I did know that. Infact I've owned 5 SLR cameras in my life time. 2 digital 1 AF film 2 manual focus film. My recollection is that both the manual focus SLRs had huge bright view finders, a far cry than the dark tunnel on say my D70s and other pentamirror cameras. They also had excellent focusing aids which did make focus confirmation very easy.

Dont go thinking that just because manually focussing is problematic for you, that it is for everyone.

Yes you right its not something I've not really tried. Not sure how you knew that I wasn't good at manual focusing as I never said I found it difficult. I merely pointed that not having being able to use AF if you want to is a disadvantage. I still stand by that

That is the height of huberous.

It would be if it was true but I didn't assume others can't manual focus

I can teach you some tricks to learn how, send me an email... I can tech you to drive your camera without autofocus or the cameras meter.

Interested, John? Or are you a 'line up the meter blindly and press go' type of shooter?

I probably am guilty of over using the cameras meter. Less so on the D90 than the D70s where I use exposure compensation more often. The D70s meter was much more consistent. Icertainly rely on post processing RAW files to get what I want. Usually I use aperture priority. I have done some long exposure work, that takes more thought. As does manual exposure for stitching where the chosen exposure is a balance of the needs of numerous photos

john Clinch wrote:

kgbruce01 wrote:

I use my 50mm f/1.8D on my D40 & D5000 all the time... And they don't have focussing motors. Why would someone not be able to use it on a D5200 or D3200?

Wait, there isn't a reason.

I think AF has many benefits and to pretend that the lack of focus motor is no issue isn't helpful. Yes its possible to autofocus....

Sadly when I wrote this I didn't notice I'd typed autofocus as the last word, I meant manual focus. oops sorry

Its worth playing with the cameras. In the end I got a lightly used D90 mainly for the view finder. The Af points are easier to see, it has grid lines which I find useful for getting the camera level. The viewfinder is alot bigger and brighter



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