Just got my D7100 w/ 16-55mm Lens and have a few questions?

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Re: Just got my D7100 w/ 16-55mm Lens and have a few questions?

You can find the answer to this question in the back of your D7100 manual under "Memory Card Capacity".  Basically, a maximum quality full size 14 bit uncompressed RAW image will be 28.5MB.  If you shoot RAW+JPG, again maximum quality, file sizes will approach 40MB.  This means that a 1TB drive will hold approximately 33K images.  That's a lot of images, especially if they're only "keepers".

You should buy a couple of fast SD cards.  45MB/sec is about the sweet spot if you're not shooting continuous bursts, and those cards run about $1/GB.  In the past I've standardized on 4GB cards for my D90, which yielded about 270-300 shots per card in RAW.  With the D7100, an 16GB card is a better size.  A card that stores less than 200 shots will often get filled up in a day of shooting, particularly if you're bracketing or working action scenes.

If you're planning on traveling, look into phone or tablet based backup systems.  I'm presently using a system that employs a Kingston Mobilelite Wireless SD card reader / hub and a Seagate Slim 500GB USB 3 HDD.  With it, I can use an app on either my phone or tablet (Android or iOS, it doesn't matter) to launch a transfer between the SD card and the HDD, then let it finish autonomously. Afterwards, I can view the images via wifi from the hub. Cost - about $120-130 in addition to the phone/tablet. I think this is now a much more cost effective option for high resolution cameras than scads of SD cards were for the 10-12MP generation.  128GB doesn't store all that many images from a D7100 (or D800), and a 128GB USB key is painfully expensive compared to a compact portable HDD like the Seagate Slim or WD My Passport Ultra.

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