Win8 vs Win7

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Sean Nelson
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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

theswede wrote:

No cues is the key to my argument.

IMHO "no cues" is an argument that the UI is harder to learn or that it presents a barrier to upgraders.   But there's a difference between that and whether it's a usable interface or not.

We all have to learn the interfaces we use - even the ones we're familiar with had to be learned at some point.   For example, the classic Windows GUI makes heavy use of mouse right-clicks - yet there are no visual cues as to what's right-clickable and what isn't.  We just "figure it out" (i.e., learn it) as we use each new piece of software.

Touch UIs have similar, non-obvious gestures which frustrate a mouse user - but the touch UI is a new paradigm and "figuring out" things like swiping from the edges, long touches, or touching corners is something that comes with the territory.

If the UI provides easy ways to do the things you need to do most often, then it's usable.   It may not be particularly obvious to learn, but that's a somewhat different issue, IMHO.

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