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Re: One of the funniest reads for me in a while

Boomanbb wrote:

I work in IT for a large law firm and had to endure this very same argument from all of the established attorneys... with going from Office 2003 to Office 2010. They were all perfectly happy with Office 2003 and saw all of the changes in 2010 as steps backwards, designed to confuse users and basically make them non productive. Of course all of the new attorneys had been using Office 2010 for two years in college so they were chomping at the bit to be upgraded.

in other words, none of the lawyers wanted to switch from the version they were accustomed to and productive with.   Not the ones making your firm money, and not the new hires.   Both saw change as unproductive and unnecessary.

Now 15 years ago, you might argue that word processors and spreadsheet software was still evolving, but let's be honest, these are very mature applications. What new functionality are they really adding these days?  For the vast majority of users, nothing.  They're using the same features that were finished in the 90s and now we're just moving the icons around.

The legal world hung onto text mode wordperfect 5.1 for a very long time because for those experienced with it, it did all they needed and very quickly.  For fast typists, the windows gui was a big step back in productivity.

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