Macro lens for micro four thirds, any good choice?

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Re: Easy...

If you can get your hands on a Nikon 3T & 4T (5T & 6T are same diopters as the 3T/4T, but larger 62mm) close up filters, you would have an inexpensive ability to get excellent good close ups. The Canon 250D is also very good. Since there are 52mm, I use it on my Pany 45-150 lens. At the 150mm mark, the magnification is approx 0.87 of life size with the 4T and 0.45 with the 3T. You can stack the filters for even higher magnification. Plus you get decent working distance from 1-2 feet. With insects, you need longer lens to have longer working distance to minimize scaring them away.

See this link:


Both Nikon and Canon have 180/200mm telephotos if I recall correctly that were made for these small animals.

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