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Re: The epitome of an "elitist snob"

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

Let's take a person who is making an argument for or against a proposition to a designated audience. When the proponent's position FAILS in a huge way to change the audience's opinion for any reason, be it false logic, a weak presentation or an argument with little or no logic, the elitist will summarily blame the audience for being too stupid or not savvy enough to "understand" what the speaker is trying to convey.

Let's take a person who is giving a presentation to an audience.  That audience spends the entire presentation doodling, talking, and playing on their phones.  When the audience members come back a week later to try and actually apply what the concepts from the presentation they are unable to because they haven't even made the slightest effort to listen or learn and they somehow blame the presenter and subject matter for this failing.

It's not that it's too complex (it's actually bafflingly simple) it's that people would rather whine about it than make even the slightest effort to learn.

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