Win8 vs Win7

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The epitome of an "elitist snob" 2.0

walkaround wrote:

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

I don't see any of you elitists swaying ANYONE here with your lame-a$$ arguments so you must resort to your grade-school name-calling. Nice karma, guys!

You can't sway someone to a complex subject like an operating system when they refuse to educate themselves about it on even a basic level. Playing with someone else's computer for a few minutes is not educating yourself.

So instead we see you and others using blogger soundbites. "Facebook crowd", "dumbed down", "content consumers"... blah blah blah. Who are you convincing, other than yourselves? Who has used Win8 for a month, read arguments like yours, and then fully convinced uninstalled it to get back to Win7?

Alrighty then! Now I've got it.

The subject is too "complex" to be educated here by even brainiac-elitists like you and the other two, so we must do some heavy tech studying before your arguments make any sense to us.

Do you guys even have a clue how that opinion sounds to many of us here?


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