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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

theswede wrote:

Your opinion is noted.

But your comments betray that you're seldom stuck looking for specific applications to do tasks you seldom do, or navigate byzantine software solutions designed by firms focused on their product and seeing the tools to connect to them as something the user of them can spend their career learning the ins and outs of. Yours is a world in which the OS has a value of its own, and that is a very narrow world.

My world is not narrow at all. Consider that majority of Windows users are home users and work environments (engineering and specialized tasking excluded).  Most home users don't use Windows the way you do for your work.  Most workers don't either.  They are using it to check mail, run Office, access the web, run their applications, etc.  It is your world that is very narrow in considering how your tools and solutions are so antiquated in design and layout that it forces you to have very limited options in how to interact with them.  There are far more people out there that use Windows the way I do than the way you do.  So how does that make my world narrow?

And the majority of people using Windows do not use it in data centers or in a server environment. In fact, your skill is possibly even counterproductive when it comes to talking desktop use and using Windows for engineering tasks.

Oh how wrong you are.  Our environment is mixed with Windows, Solaris, and Linux.  Majority of the machines are split between Windows and Solaris, which they both serve each other with specific tasks.  Windows is very strong in the data center world, it just depends on what kind of data center you are referring to (there are many types).

As for my skill being counter productive to desktop use, wrong again.  My skills reach far past just servers and data centers and extends to the desktop as well, both for software and hardware.  As for engineering, my experience is more limited to the software engineers.  Hardware engineers is a different field with which my experience is limited in.

I guess I can counterpoint by saying that your deep and narrow knowledge of your engineering career field makes you extremely counter productive when it comes to talking desktop use and for using Windows for server and data center tasks.

Since the majority of people who use Windows use it as a tool to reach their applications, and pretty much nothing more, your strong focus on OS functionality is actually besides the subject. It definitely is besides my use of OS'es. They are tools allowing me to get work done, and the only purpose they have in themselves is hosting my applications.

Yes, that is pretty much true.  The OS, at its core, is a host that allows you to access the tools/applications you need.  At least that is what a OS used to be.  OS's now are becoming more and more dynamic in their capabilities, offering more out of the box.  Some people may take advantage of this, others just want it to launch their tools/applications.

And it is from this perspective I judge Windows 8 to be an abject failure.

Again, maybe for your use.  But that doesn't reflect, nor does it represent, how it works for others.

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