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Re: The "A" gets an "A" from me! Different needs for different folks...

I respect the opinion of a photograpther who prefers zoom lenses. Such a preference is, indeed, simply a preference. When I finally became interested in serious digital SLR photography, my first mentor was my wife, who is a believer in zoom lenses. She did, however, claim the first A that I purchased! I am saving for a second A, unless something presents itself as a more-favorable alternative. (I dream of a Sony RX1!)

That being said, I am more a user of fixed-focal-length lenses. I really do like the Nikon A very much, but I see it as one part of a ensemble. It is a quite good 28mm (equivalent) lens, with an excellent sensor attached to it, that saves me the trouble of changing SLR lenses, by covering the wide-normal field of view, and is easier to carry in a large pocket or small flat belt pouch than an 18mm or 28mm SLR lens. An excellent companion for the A would be an SLR with either a 50mm lens, or a zoom suitable for the occasion, perhaps a 70-200mm. When I wish to carry just one camera, I can choose either the A, or an SLR, or another camera I may acquire in the future.

At work, I use two DSLRs, one with a 100mm macro lens, and the other with an ultra-wide zoom. In many situations, an A could handle the work done by the ultra-wide zoom, saving me the effort of juggling two DSLRs. The A will fit into the large right pocket of my uniform shirt.

My wife uses an 18-200mm zoom lens at work on her D7000. Many of her shots are at the 18mm (28mm equivalent) end of the zoom range, and are horribly distorted (barrel), as is typical of 18-200mm lenses. With the A, she can shoot the more important wide images with much less distortion. We may soon buy her a zoom that does not start quite so wide, as the A can handle the wider-angle shots.

Why not correct the barrel distortion in PP? The answer is, simply, that evidentiary images cannot be post-processed. The protocols of evidentiary images are that OOC JPEGs are uploaded into proprietary programs. My wife shoots Nikon JPEGs for the Medical Examiner, and I shoot any brand of JPEGs for a police department.

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I wear a badge and pistol, and, primarily with 7D cameras, shoot evidentiary images at night, which incorporates elements of portrait, macro, still life, landscape, architecture, PJ, and occasional action.

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