Painting my silver OMD to black? Anyone done it? Advises please?

Started Jun 9, 2013 | Discussions thread
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What thieves REALLY want

rpm40 wrote:

Iif you really want to throw off thieves, maybe slap a few ugly stickers on there, or get an ugly old camera strap from the 70s. Make it look like it's not worth stealing. I think putting black gaffers tape on the camera might work too- cover up the silver while making the camera appear older and more worn. Heck, maybe get a red or pink E-PM1 or E-PM2- they look like toys.

Professional thieves WILL see your gear if they're looking for it- its their job. Having a black camera will not hide it from them. Your best bet is making them think they don't want it.

What thieves REALLY want are not cameras, but iPhones and iPads. They are much easier to resell on the black market.  Don't you read the news?

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