Using Qimage Ultimate for Complete Workflow??

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Using Qimage Ultimate for Complete Workflow??

I need to make a change to my software to accommodate a new camera (Sony RX100) which can use RAW format. Have not done that before and would like to try RAW, although I'm not sure I will stick with it (don't want to invest much until I know more). So, I'm looking for input from experienced users on options. I am not a real enthusiast, and do photography as an off and on hobby (for more than 50 years).

Current State - I am on my third version of Photoshop Elements (1, 4, 9). I like the import process for new images from a card. I set it up once and after that I let it do it's thing. I hate the organizer after that, and find it confuses things more than it helps. Windows Explorer is fine for me, or anything that simulates it well. I do a small amount of editing in PSE, but really only use a small portion of the suite of tools. Mainly:

Crop Tool - like it to get aspect ratio right and preserve all resolution

Clone Stamp Tool - My main fix it up approach. Red eye correction I can never make it work.

Enhance Menu - My prime approach is to use the auto tools and if it improves I work from there, and if not I try something else, and then refine the auto result with more detailed adjust Lighting, Adjust Color, etc.

I seldom use Layers or Filters

Batch Mode - Use it to produce low resolution images for e-mailing and on line use.

My practice is to fix it and save a copy. This has the down side of having multiple copies of the same photo in different sizes, resolutions, and aspect ratios, and increases the number of files to manage and find.

Printing - Really disliked early versions of PSE and bought Qimage (now a retired version). Have used it for quite a few years and while it is somewhat quirky to use, I like the way it manages printing and the results it produces for resolution. I almost never sharpen in PSE and just let Qimage do it when I print.

Current Problem - PSE 9 does not support RX100 RAW files, so to stay with PSE I have to upgrade to PSE 11. Sony provides a RAW converter for the RX100 and I have downloaded it and took a peek. Another interface to master -- Yuk!

Going Forward - Can't see spending the money and investing in the learning curve of PS or LR, so I think it comes down to upgrading PSE or what I have been thinking of late, going to Qimage Ultimate for everything, except perhaps the occasional edit it cannot handle, and I would use PSE 9 for that.

Thoughts? I've never tried learning to use the editing tools in Qimage. I've just printed with it. Is it likely to meet my limited needs for editing? converting and editing RAW images? Or am I going to be disappointed and always going back to PSE?

Their card unload tool looks similar to PSE and in principle I like it if it works. I like the concept that they always keep the original untouched (including RAW) and just attach a modification file to achieve the various versions of the original. I also like the sound of their batch mode resizing and e-mail feature. Although I am not sure it will work with the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail app that I use.

I appreciate that my workflow is quite simple compared to what some use. However, if possible I would like to make it more simple, and not go the other way.

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