Curious about the mkiii

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Curious about the mkiii


My last experience with slr's was back when the Eos line was still new. I've never been impressed enough with digital to consider making an investment in a system though I have been quite happy with digital compacts for their convenience.

Things have started to change recently in my life and I find I need more than what I'm getting from my cameras particularly with respect to fast and accurate auto focus, quick shot to shot times and high quality video capabilities.

Naturally my interest in video led me to the 5d series. I handled the mkiii in bestbuy, (the only place nearby that sells photo equipment) and really liked how it handled and felt in hand compared to the d800, d600 and 6d that were also on display. It just felt more natural to hold and the button layout seemed more intuitive. I'm sure with experience all of these cameras will handle equally well.

The specs seem great from what I can tell, I think it has the features I need and I like the lenses that are available. There are just a few details that are holding me back and pushing me toward the d800.

Primarily, the dynamic range. 11 stops looks (spec wise) low to me. How much of a factor is this when shooting people?

When I compare photos with the d800, there is a richness to the laters files that I find very compelling and I nearly always prefer those. I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is greater dynamic range or greater resolution. I don't look at 100% crops as I find zooming in to be totally pointless. I don't look at photos from an inch away so why bother duplicating that?

Going back to video, magic lantern has recently unlocked the mkiii's ability to shoot raw video. Something that has great appeal to me for short clips. I know this is a very popular camera for hobbyist videographers and there's more reason than ever to choose it for this purpose.

That said, I think the d800 offers a similar capacity to capture video directly to a ninja or similar data recorder with a minimal amount of compression with really excellent, and quite possibly better results?

Obviously the 5dmkii has been used by professionals to shoot pro quality stills and video for years so it must be good enough. I mean, people aren't cleaning house and replacing everything because the d800 has better dr and resolution, right? Or are they?

What's is frustrating me is that I don't really like what I've read about nikon and the various qc and customer service issues. Things on the canon side seem stable, with excellent service when required. But if I go with the safe choice, will I constantly be wondering just how green the grass really is?

My questions to you all are, do you find the dr to be a limiting factor? Are you satisfied with the image quality you're getting from the 5d? Have you spent any time with the d800, and if so, how did you decide on the canon? Would you switch to the d800 if you weren't deeply invested in canon?

And if you shoot video, how do you find the mkiii? Any interesting quirks?


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