A prediction of the D400.

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Re: A prediction of the D400.

redhed17 wrote:

ZinMe wrote:

If nothing like that materializes, I will probably go for a refurbished D800 and make due with the lower FPS.

And it seems like the Nikon strategy is that people waiting for a D400 will settle for something else they sell if the truly want to buy 'something', and unlike you, they will buy new. I've seen many posts of people saying they have got fed up of waiting for a D400 and have gone and bought, this or that. And normally Nikon. :-/ Once people have bought into a brand, we know they are a lot are less likely to change to another brand. And if rival brands don't have an alternative that is notably better than, in this case Nikon, then people won't change and you have them locked in.

If they can force some people towards the D4 because they want a speed machine, then that's thousands of extra £$€s you have off that user. Of course, not all D300/S users would go to that extreme, but there are large numbers who seem to have gone Full Frame for other reasons, and as with a move by the D4 upgraders, new FF users will probably need to upgrade lenses too. :-/ Some have 'settled' for a D7000/7100. That is lots of money being spent on Nikon. And mostly Nikon lenses will be purchased too, again more money for Nikon, and all making a D400 less likely.

Please show me one company that got more successful by refusing to offer what their customers really wanted and thus "squeezed" its customers into buying things that didn't really fully meet all their needs in order to meet some of their needs.  Sometimes it generates some short term revenue, but rarely produces long term committed or satisfied customers.

For reasons I can't explain, the competition hasn't updated their affordable action cameras either, but the moment there is some serious competition, there are a number of D300 action shooters who will seriously be thinking about jumping brands away from Nikon for something that meets their needs better.

I've already given up on Nikon for compact, high IQ, interchangeable lenses, APS-C and gone with the Fuji X-E1 for backpacking and low and behold I discovered that it's better at landscapes than my D300 17-55 too.  I used to think I'd never buy anything but Nikon - now I'm open to competitors.

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