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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

VirtualMirage wrote:

theswede wrote:

Yes, I do realize that. I also realize I have no Windows key, can't remember uncued corners or sides (or to be honest, can't be bothered to remember them), and have no close button visible anywhere on the Metro app.

"Can't be bothered", that is the key to your argument.

Nope. No cues is the key to my argument. No cues add cognitive load, which is the last thing I want from my computer. Especially since I juggle about half a dozen interfaces on a daily basis and rely heavily on their cues to save me effort, time and headache to get things done.

Which in the end is what I have computers for. Getting things done.

Not that it won't do this, can't do that, is inefficient, or adds cognitive load....can't be bothered summarizes your whole opinion of Windows 8. It's not that you can't remember it, unless you have memory retension issues, it's that you can't be bothered to learn nor remember it.

You are definitely correct in observing that I can't be bothered. But that is not what came first. When I started experimenting with Windows 8 I quickly concluded it has a doomed interface. The lack of cues and heavy cognitive load of using it casually ensure it will be a footnote in ten years time.

Thus, I see no reason to waste time on it.

In my opinion, that sounds like a close minded choice and not a flaw with an OS.

Your opinion, misguided as it may be, is noted.

For that, there is no help. Stick with what you have.

I won't. I'm learning new systems all the time. What I will stick with though is UI's which help me instead of hinder me.


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