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Sarcasmo wrote:

Regulating the arts would be pretty funny though.

It was done in Soviet Russia and in Nazi Germany. Emil Nolde, for instance, was banned from painting and had to produce his watercolours in secret.

We've all been to the gallery where we balked at the canvas painted in one solid color hanging on the wall.

You: "What the heck is that?"

L'Artiste: "It do you say...solitude."

You: "Uh huh. I'm gonna need to see your painting license."

The whole idea of requiring licenses before a person can practice some occupation is typical of socialism, and the concept of "directed labour".

It only makes sense where incompetence is actually dangerous, as in surgery or large scale building construction.

It also makes sense everywhere where customers cannot be reasonably expected to shop around beforehand.

Another bad idea is the rule that a person must have a degree (or even a post-graduate degree) before standing for a political office.

THAT actually be a good idea. IQ test too. Our politicians are too stupid and ignorant for the modern complex world.

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