LCD Screen scratched - what to do?

Started Nov 15, 2012 | Questions thread
Amidst The Ruins
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Re: LCD Screen scratched - what to do?

willym wrote:

So I have a Nex-5N - I put a screen protector on the day I bought it, and it's treated the screen really well......

Until this weekend. The corner of the screen protector started peeling off the screen. "No worries", I thought, "I'll peel it off and put a new one on".

Big mistake. The screen protector peeled off most of the anti-reflective screen coating! It now looks like the screen of the OP's C3.

What are the options of a 5N user in replacing the screen? Obviously the OP's technique will not work due to the touch screen.


Something similar happened to me. I ordered a screen protector, placed it on my 5N but decided to peel it off as it was not put on straight. Dang thing peeled a portion of the anti-reflective coating off!

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