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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

Double tap the home button, a list of icons appears at the bottom. These are your most recently used apps that are most likely residing in memory or in the background. To kill them, press and hold the icon until it starts to shake and a minus sign appears in the corner. Press the minus sign. You have now learned how to kill an app on an iOS.

Thanks. I will forget it though, because I sincerely doubt I will ever have to use it.

I have to do this from time to time with apps that hang.

Four years and counting and it hasn't happened. It happened a few times on Android though, when I was running questionable applications. I learned my lesson, and then it stopped happening.

Windows 8 does the same thing with its Metro apps. You don't have to close them, they will close on their own if the OS needs the resources. If you want to close them manually, you go to the top left corner of the screen and close your apps that pop up on the left menu.

Corners again. No way I'll ever be bothered to remember that stuff. I'll stick to OS'es which help me, not those that hinder me.

To exit a Metro app in Windows 8, press the Windows key (Ctrl+Esc in your case).

Good to know if I ever am forced to work on such a beast. I doubt it though, since they're such a bother in my field.


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