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Re: stick with Win 7 if possible...

VirtualMirage wrote:

I had a nice, long, and thorough reply to your comment but the site glitched on me and it didn't post.

That's what you get for using Windows 8.

Since I don't want to waste my time typing it all back up, I will just comment on a few things:

Ctrl+Esc. That is your Windows Key. Give it a try!

Irrelevant. I don't have a Metro OS.

If you find the Windows Key a waste, then you must also consider the Command Key, Super Key, and Meta Key a waste too.

You are correct.

It is only a waste because you refuse to take advantage of it. It if was truly a waste, the key would no longer exist.

Lo and behold - it doesn't on my keyboard! Nor do command, super or meta!

There is no close button on the Android or iOS.

I have it right on all of mine. It closes the application and takes me to the home screen. It does not exit the application, but it sure closes it. I can't see it anywhere, so it's closed.

That "closed" means different things in different paradigms is a different matter.

As for your sarcastic response and implication of my lack of knowledge with Windows, I know more about the OS than you may think (and may even know more than you).

That's not what your comments indicate. I only comment on what you say, not on your resume.

If I didn't then I wouldn't be working in a data center with several hundred servers with years of experience and several certifications under my belt, including my MCSA and MCSE.

Which means you have very deep and very narrow knowledge. Which is also what your comments indicate.

Your comment about search being the same as Windows 7 I interpreted as you saying I can just type anywhere in Windows 7 and it will begin searching, which you can't do.

Nor can you start typing anywhere in Windows 8 and it will begin searching.

This may have been just a misunderstanding of what I read versus what you meant. You have to click on the Start menu button first before you can start typing to search.

Correct; when you're in the equivalent of the start screen you can start typing. Exact same functionality. You just went and looked that up, didn't you?

In Windows 8, you can start typing anywhere in the Start Screen (the place you first start in upon login without pressing a key) and it will begin searching.

The problem with Windows 8 is precisely that this is where I start upon login. That is a bug, not a feature.


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