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Re: Pros versus amateurs comparisons

It is sad that some brides or grooms are only looking at cheap photography packages these days, as they may assume they do not need an experienced photographer to take (journalistic or fun photos they want mainly they may say), because they may think cameras are simply excellent these days. (Fortunately there are still enough clients who do appreciate and buy quality from pros, keeping me in business over 9 years in weddings.)

I sometimes run into parents who want me to print their hired (low priced) photographers photos who only gave them a Photo disk (and they did not really like the images that much of their photographer, but love the way I print my own from a D700, while their photographer used a D90 with primes mostly and small flash for indoors).

While some of the outdoor photos showed creativity (and okay lighting) which interested the bride I imagine on first seeing their photographers samples, the technical lighting problems in the indoor dimly lit hall photos were huge on these disks I examined, and the results were mixed. Some good images indoors on close range, problems on many distant range indoor photos.

Needless to say, I prefer not editing other amateur "self claimed hired pros" photographers work, only my own these days, or from someone I know is a pro that I hire myself, as fixing amateur photos can be difficult and time consuming, while my photos are mostly not hard to adjust at all, by comparison in any lighting condition, as I understand lighting.

Printing your own photos a lot is a great way to learn how to shoot better, as the more accurate you shoot in exposures to get the effect you want, the less time spent in post processing.

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