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Re: YOur response explains perfectly why . . .

theswede wrote:

And Win 8 haters are, by and large, a group of crotchety old men who feel that their needs are either completely representative of those of most users (they aren't) or somehow more important because they do "real" work (they aren't and they don't). What's more, for being a big group of "experts" they are somehow completely unable to adapt to even the slightest change.

I adapt to requirements and changes daily. That's not an issue, and is not part of what is the problem with Windows 8. Change brings good and bad things, and is often required to get things done. I switch around my window manager on my home system now and then to keep myself on my toes and learn new ways to do old things.

The problem with Windows 8 is the added cognitive load it hurls on the user. Basic tasks are non-obvious and have to be memorized. There are no cues on how to control Metro applications once they're started - or even how to close them.

There are asinine requirements to have windows keys on the keyboard to get to basic functionality, locking out many industrial and point of sale systems, as well as many professional erqonomic keyboards.

And worst of all, many basic tasks take over the whole screen, as if the users all have ADHD or something and need distractions eliminated. This is not optional, it is the only way Windows 8 works.

That's the main issues which are argued against. Not your straw man "o noes change"

Yours sounds like an extremely specific usage model (though it sounds like a more comprehensive "Read Me" would be able to eliminate such redundant foldering).  But people with specific demands have been using 3rd party launchers and the like on Windows for YEARS.  That the default Windows model no longer caters specifically to you is unfortunate, but I guess you'll just have to join that rank of people.

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