Two Basic Questions

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Re: Two Basic Questions

Even in the "good old days" the Oly system was known for being relatively compact.

But it does seem that modern lenses often tend to be bigger.  I just picked up the Nikon 85/1.8 and it's a good bit bigger than an old version (roughly the same size as my Minolta 85/1.4).  Some of it is AF motors.  Some of it may be plastics instead of metal barrels.  But I recall reading a blog post somewhere that said that at the same time mirrorless is satisfying demand for smaller, we'll be seeing bigger lenses satisfying the demand for better (with high MP count sensors demanding more resolution).  50's are getting bigger.  Zooms are sometimes enormous.  The Tamron 28-75/2.8 is a pretty compact lens with decent performance (I found it usable wide open, very sharp from f/4), but better performance (and a critical extra 4mm WA coverage) gets you to the relatively monstrous CZ24-70.

I don't know if it's for angle of incidence with digital sensors or what, but some of the recent increase seems to be for higher resolution.  Some for AF, some for IS.  Maybe some for building with plastics ?

Makes the idea of some old lenses on a NEX via SpeedBooster pretty intriguing.

- Dennis

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