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Re: Win8 vs Win7

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

So what's the point of switching? Boot-up is a second or two faster?

No, bootup is minutes faster on some systems. Shutdown is similarly improved. My Lenovo laptop with hard drive acts like it is an "instant on" flash drive pc.

No one in all of these threads has made a compelling case to switch.

If speed, stability, efficiency, security, and customization are not important to you, then don't switch. Why do we have to compell you?

The only benefit I see is if your basic computing needs are "social" or "entertainment" websites, then W8 is right up your alley and MS knows this and is trying to capture this seemingly infinite block of people.

This "facebook" argument makes no sense to me. There is no evidence to justify that statement. Please provide your proof. I think the idea that Win8 turns your pc into some kind of social media terminal is being propogated by competitors, it's completely absurd.

Windows7 is optimal for content producers and Windows8 is optimal for content consumers. Some people in this thread are terribly offended by that assessment

Well, as usual in these Win7 vs Win8 arguments, the Win8 haters usually end up resorting to "I'm a scientist" or some kind of bragging about their tech credentials and their need for Windows to remain static in its 1995 interface paradigm for the next 50 years, and anyone who uses Win8 is a kid who just wants to be on Faceplant all day long... sad. If you were so tech savvy, you could figure out in about 15 minutes that Win8 is all of Win7 plus new improvements.

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